tavern wench drawingThis drawing was sort of a spur of the moment thing. It was originally supposed to be a girl standing in an elegant dress with a blank background but it sort of turned in to this instead xD.In fact, to be honest this sort of thing happens 90% of the time. I set out to draw something specific and it ends up turning out differently than I anticipated. I must have attention deficit disorder or something. I can’t focus on something for an extended amount of time x.x.

The drawing itself took about 2 hours and the coloring process took another 2 hours. So in total, this drawing was completed in about 4 hours this morning. I got the idea of the background tavern setting by looking through various different photos of taverns last night. I tried to make it look kind of dull and gloomy.

The girl was not originally going to be  a wench but yeah…I changed my mind :p. I hope you all enjoy this piece of art work today. I’m currently working on some more tutorials to post up pretty soon as well.

In other news, school is not bogging me down as much as I thought it would. But is only the first week and I expect for it to pick up some more within the next couple of weeks x.x.

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