ice cream drawingLol this is a kinda random drawing x.x. I decided to draw an Ice Cream today! I’m craving ice cream real bad you guys xD. I tried to draw the yummiest most delicious looking ice cream cone in the land! It’s a little chilly over here right now but I still want one.

As a side note, I also made an easy tutorial of how to draw an ice cream cone. I’m working on a little goal for myself to start making more tutorials and posting them to the blog more often. But if you’re interested in learning how to make an ice cream cone (no idea why you would want to, but I don’t judge people xD) go over to the resources page of this blog for that and more.

Plus, don’t forget that there is also a tutorial page for photoshop tutorials too! There’s not much there right now but I’m constantly working on it ^^.

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