First day of class..Not so bad xD! I am worried for the weeks that are to come though. I am studying web design and JavaScript so there’s gonna be a lot of work to do in both classes very soon. But anyway…

Thanks everyone for taking the time to visit this blog everyday. I really enjoy doing what I do, which is drawing, and I’m very pleased to know that my art work is being discovered. I will continue to draw masterpieces for you all every single day! There are very few things that I’ve stuck to for the long term. I hope that I can keep this up for a long time.

About this drawing. I wanted to make something cute and girly and colorful! I also wanted to go for a Valentine’s day theme as well. It’s like one of those characters from those cute, girly RPG games xD. I haven’t given her a name but I just might in the future.

This took about 1 1/2 hours to draw and another hour and a half to color this in photoshop. I used a billion different layers just to achieve the appearance I was looking for. I wanted to make the art colorful and bright as you can see. I think I had the most trouble coloring her hair and her dress. The colors on both kept looking funky so I had to keep adjusting them xD.

Not really sure what gave me the inspiration to draw this considering I’ve been stressing a little so far this month. I guess I just wanted to break out of my shell and create something totally different! Hope you like it.

By the way, I just discovered this website called Wet Canvas last night. It’s really strange that I never heard of it considering I’ve been out and about in the art world for quite some time now. It is a really tight-nit community of artists with a passion for art and creativity. This place quickly drew my eye and I have begun mingling in the community already! There are a lot of active users in the forums and it just seems like a very hopeful community! ^^

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