Two days away from freedom being lost xD xD! Thankfully, only one of my classes I will actually have to go in for, the other is purely online. I always find time to work on my blog and artwork though. No matter how rough it gets, I won’t be giving up on either of those things while in school. I’ll just have to suffer a little bit more from now on xD.

In case you are wonder about the drawing, it is of my cat Jake in anthro form. This is how I would picture Jake if he could walk on his hind legs and wear clothes. He’s a very¬†rambunctious little thing who is always finding a way to get in to my things. Lately, he’s been getting in to my closet (I guess he can open doors now!) and playing with my things while I’m asleep!

While I was making this drawing, I put toys and other little gadgets that little kids like to play with. As you can see, he is playing with a slinky. I tried showing this drawing to my cat last night and he just rolled over and went to sleep. He just didn’t give a dang xD. Cats don’t seem to have much of an appreciation for art I guess :s.

Jake might not care but I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I think I’ll make a drawing of my other cat too, I’m just trying to imagine how I would envision her as an anthro. She’s sort of the dominant one of the two so I’ll probably make something along those lines.

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