To start out the post, I’d like to announce that I will be starting school next week. Therefore, my life is going to be even crazier than it already is now xD xD!  I’m excited but I’m also a little bit nervous too. I think I’m gonna have to work out a schedule for when that time comes :S.

In other news, I’m going to be updating the Tutorials section with new tutorials pretty soon. I’ve got a couple that are finished already, they just need to be posted. I hope my tutorials come in handy! They were a lot of fun to make and I hope that you guys enjoy them when they are up. I also hope to have some things to put in the resource section soon as well.

So about the art work…I really don’t know what inspired me to draw this actually. It was half past midnight when I started making this and all I could think about was getting some sleep x.x. I do know that the cat eyes in the sky came from petting my cat in hopes of staying awake x.x. Blah! I don’t have a lot to say about this besides that it was pretty much a random doodle that sort of turned in to this! xD

The little pond in front of the tree…I don’t know why I put that there. Whenever I think of big, ginormous trees I think of a water source nearby. Also, I thought it was a little empty with just the tree in the picture. One of my biggest pet peeves is a bare naked drawing. This explains why I rarely ever make drawings without backgrounds. It just gets on my nerves a little xD!

Also just as a reminder, I am taking commissions right now so if you’re interested, you should  mozy on over there then!

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