Once again, just want to point out that I365Art.com has been getting a lot more traffic these days, which is a very promising sign for the future of this blog! Another thing I have also noticed though is although I have been getting a lot more visitors everyday and more new people commenting (thanks guys!) I have also encountered some spam messages as well O.o.  WTF??

Thankfully, I have to manually approve every message I get (Thankyou WordPress!) so I never allow for spam to be published which is great! I would be pretty sad if spammers took over my blog with their silly messages. I won’t allow it! If you don’t have a general interest in art, then you should not be here. Period. I can tell the difference between a spam robot and a human being, thank you very much! 😀

So about this drawing. I was reminiscing on final fantasy 10 (which by the way, was not my favorite one of the bunch) and I thought about the monster Khimaira! So I decided to draw up my very own version of Chimera. What I noticed with all the available pictures out there of the creature is that every single interpretation of it was different. Sometimes, she had the face of a lion, the horns and legs of a goat and wings of a giant dragon. And other times, she had the body of a lion with a goat and a serpent stuck to the side and a snake’s head at the end of the tail. I believe the latter version to be the more accurate as far as I know :o…

In other news, It’s going to be February tomorrow! Which means I can start adding Valentine’s day themed-fantasy-inspired art. I can’t wait for it to begin ^^.

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