As you can see, I am slowly making changes to this blog every single day. Another thing I am implementing are select prints of drawings from the blog. Pretty soon, there will be a lot more things to choose from at the print shop as the days go by and as I create more stuff.

So a little bit about this drawing. A June mermaid in the month of January xD! I know, lol. But I was anxious to draw a mermaid. I had a lot of trouble getting this posted on the site and I had to change up the format many, many times to get it to look right. When I originally posted it in JPEG, the colors were altered and it made the drawing look kinda green x.x.

I do plan to put June Mermaid up as a print very shortly. I’m pretty neutral about this piece. I’m happy about it but I don’t think it’s the best I can do :s. Enjoy this!


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