This isn’t as festive as the other drawings I have posted within the last couple of days, but I promise you that will change after the weekend. I’m headed out to my best friend’s birthday party today so that’s kind of what’s on my mind right now…I couldn’t really think of anything creative because my mind is already boggled with party plans and the likes @.@. So I decided to just go with something kind of simple this time…

Also, last night was the first time I got any real sleep since last week. I was busy with stuff at home and outside for once. On a side note, I got to work on a movie set for the first time, which was actually pretty fun and not hard at all. It’s definitely something i’d like to do again in the future and I will jump at the next opportunity. The rest of my week has been somewhat bleak though. Same old same old, just multiplied by 100 though.

So about the drawing… Random elven-type guy character. I actually think that I could possibly use this for something in the future. Now that I think of it, having this blog is somewhat of a brainstormer for any future projects that may come up (Although I’ve already got my hands full and don’t really intend to work on anything new for a while. But knowing me, I always doom myself by taking on too many things at once xD xD xD!) The hair color could have been any color but I chose red with black tips. Don’t know why x.x.

I’ll update you on how the party went tomorrow. I think I deserve to party at least once this week, yeah?

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