So yeah, first post ever on I 365 Art. My boyfriend and I were talking about this kind of thing together and decided to build a blog based around it. I’m putting myself up to a heavy challenge where I have to come up with a random and original character every single day for a solid year. It’s just an awesome way to kick off 2012! I’ve heard of similar things like this being done in the past but I thought it might be a good idea to give it a go.

All of my characters will be completely original and thought up by my boyfriend and I. We are both artists as well as lovers of artists who would like to hopefully get others on the bandwagon. I hope to entertain someone in the process of posting my 365 random character concepts. Many of my drawings might not make much sense to some viewers of this website but that’s kind of what makes it fun! Sit back and watch the art come rolling in!

About this drawing: I titled this drawing “The Flower Girl”. While I was drawing this, All I could think of was flowers and pretty pink things, and a sheet ghost! Don’t ask what any of those things have to do with one another, they sort of just came to mind all of a sudden.

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