Day #274 Post Apocalyptic Desert (in color)

orn wendy desert Day #274 Post Apocalyptic Desert (in color)

Future-like desert scene

As you guys might have seen already, this is the colored version of the previous drawing I posted up a couple days ago. I added color as well as some mountains off in the distance in this version, I thought the earlier sketch was a little bland.

And of course I included bold/rich colors as well. I really enjoyed creating the clothing for Orn in this image, I just went with whatever I thought liked nice for her outfit. Since she’s a rogue, I didn’t want to give her too heavy of clothing and I wanted it to be tight fitting (for convenience).

I will be posting 4-5 days in a row for the next few days and will try to have a line up of art ready next week for when I’m at Anime Expo as well. I’ve suddenly gotten a lot of inspiration for art lately and I’d like to post everything i’ve been making to the blog as often as possible. For now, toodles!

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