Day #255 Tube Shoot Game

zyfDN9lGQTAoSzbfckn5zJJeF26RouM2hMovhCQHzxI C xR1glfzAkMpNMQ EssNLUOvR4IB9MctH6ky6O1m0 Day #255 Tube Shoot GameSo as I mentioned in my previous post, I am currently working with a team of friends on a game we call Tube Shoot. Tube Shoot is a comedic shooter game app for the Android and Iphone and it’s just super crazy and fun! The game takes you in to some of your favorite movies and T.V. shows and makes them interactive for the most part.

I am the background designer of the game so many of the backgrounds you see in the tube shoot trailer were created by myself :3. We have a kickstarter going on right now in order to fund the game so that we can create more stages, art as well as hire more voice actors to be in our game. So to all you gamers out there interested in seeing this game come to life, we encourage you to please back our project as well as share it with your friends who are in to games as well. :3

Here is a link to our kickstarter for Tube Shoot: Tube Shoot Kickstarter 

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