Day #254 Clementine Art

df update1 Day #254 Clementine ArtI’m back again in the month of March. I’m going to have a lot more time to spare these days so hopefully I can get back in to updating this blog again.

What can I say? I have been busy with 4 different independent projects at this time (and this doesn’t count work either!) I am a web designer for a popular maid cafe known as Tomo Neko, I am working on an upcoming Iphone game with the company Weapons Grade Games, I have been traveling the country with my girls from Chocolate Covered Cosplay and am still actively working on my digital shop right here on I 365 Art! I guess you could say that I have been beyond busy! But I have still been patiently waiting to once again update the blog with more art!

So for today’s post, here is another drawing of a character from my web series DeadFingers. I have still somehow always found the time to work on the comic no matter how busy I get, I wish I were more like that with this blog *shameful look on face*. This is actually the first drawing I posted in over a month, just realized that x.x *facepalm* not happy about that…

Anyway, in tomorrow’s post I wanna talk more about the video game I am working on right now! I promised several people that I would explain it more and what better place to do so than here at the blog? Gives me a reason to be on here more often :3 hehe!

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