Day #247 Orn and Clementine (color)

two girls huggingHi guys! So I finally got things working normally with my website, i’m very happy about that. I meant to post this up a couple of days ago (this is the colored version of the sketch I posted to the blog a few days ago) but I got a little busy with life. I’m pretty happy about finally finishing this up and I plan to post it up on Deviant Art and on my web comic site during an off day when I get the chance.

I’m not usually very good at drawing two individuals in close contact so I’m pretty happy that this turned out okay. :3 I was thinking of including some kind of background in the drawing but meh…I got lazy xD.

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  1. Glad you got your blog working again! I like the drawing. I think one of the challenges of drawing two figures so close is getting all of their proportions right. You did it 🙂

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