Day #229 The Fall of the Hostess Twinky

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hostess out of businessHi guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting things daily anymore for now. I’m in the process of moving in to the new apartment, once we get settled, I should be able to go back to my regular schedule again :3. Anyway, I felt that I really needed to share my thoughts on the Hostess Twinky Shinanigans, to show my love for the twinky, I decided to draw a twinky of course.

So yeah, this is some disheartening news you guys! I grew up with twinkies, hohos, ding dongs, zingers you name it! This is absolutely some really heartbreaking news to me. It saddens me to think that my children and their children won’t ever have the chance to grace the excellence of Hostess twinkies, as well as other Hostess products. Sheesh! The government is so busy bailing out banks, why don’t they come to Hostess’ rescue?

Maybe a bit extreme, but still xD. I’m gonna miss these things. 🙁

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  1. Abby

    It does seem weird to think of a world without twinkies! But does anyone eat them anymore??
    I’m glad you finally got an apartment, how exciting! Your blog wasn’t letting me comment earlier. Hope this works!

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