I365art is back and better than ever! I will be blogging once again, as it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged and I really am beginning to miss being as active as I used to be on here! I have a new shop that is based around Clip Art and scrapbooking graphics if you haven’t checked that out yet, I’ve only just started adding clipart to the shop about a week ago but there are quite a few products up there right now if you care to take a gander! Man, it’s great to be back :D! I have so much in store for you all and I have a lot of great future plans for my brand new shop as well as this site.


Don’t forget that you can still purchase custom commissions from me at the custom commissions page as well. I’m still getting a few kinks out of the site still so please bear with me guys! Most everything from the old site is still here thankfully :3!

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