Day #10 The Snow Witch (click to enlarge)

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I’m posting this kind of early because I’m gonna be gone most of the day xD. Oli and I are going to the movies to see Red Tails. Will have two sketches for the weekend (sketches only, Sorry I need my weekend breaks, lol.)  Also, I’m gonna be starting school at the beginning of next week so I’m gonna be crazy busy pretty soon Dx. Commissions+Work+School+Blog= no time whatsoever. Still trying to figure out how that’s even gonna work in the end x.x. Anyway…

I’m really considering posting these drawings as PNG files from now on. The only reason I formatted them as JPEG was to save web space but the color of these pictures are all funky once I upload them to the blog. Like the preview is supposed to be more blue but it turned out a little green? Nu-uh, gonna start uploading these as PNG from here on out.

PS.: I really enjoyed drawing the big Victorian era dress the girl is wearing. I have a thing for big, puffy dresses and I always wished I owned a Victorian dress. Who knows? I might make my own one of these days, when I actually have time to sit down and thread my sewing machine, let alone make a pattern on my dress form x.x!


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Day #9 June Mermaid

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As you can see, I am slowly making changes to this blog every single day. Another thing I am implementing are select prints of drawings from the blog. Pretty soon, there will be a lot more things to choose from at the print shop as the days go by and as I create more stuff.

So a little bit about this drawing. A June mermaid in the month of January xD! I know, lol. But I was anxious to draw a mermaid. I had a lot of trouble getting this posted on the site and I had to change up the format many, many times to get it to look right. When I originally posted it in JPEG, the colors were altered and it made the drawing look kinda green x.x.

I do plan to put June Mermaid up as a print very shortly. I’m pretty neutral about this piece. I’m happy about it but I don’t think it’s the best I can do :s. Enjoy this!


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Day #8 Dark Future

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To start, I just want to mention how awesome it is that this blog has gotten some visitors within the past few days which is awesome! We’ve only been around for approximately one week. Thanks everybody for bothering to check out this blog. There’s not a lot of content here at the moment but that will soon change, I promise!

Speaking of which, I’m working on some simple tutorials to add to the Tutorial section of this blog. I’m gonna start out with some easy ones for now and then work my way up to more elaborate tutorials. I’ve never written a tutorial before so I’ve put a lot of thought in to them. I hope I can really help someone out with these tutorials. Another thing I’m planning on introducing to the blog is a possible calendar book collection of various artwork from 365 challenge. We’ll see!

Finally, on to the drawing. The drawing is a mix between fantasy and science fiction, hence the Dark Future title. I was also aiming for a January theme as well. As of last night, I started thinking about adding drawings themed for each month. Next month is going to be fun, without a doubt. This drawing took me about 2 1/2 hours to draw and color in. I consider it another one of my more detailed pieces, kind of like my Water Willow drawing.

Still fighting a cold but I feel much, much better after sleeping in a couple hours longer today xD. Rest and plenty of fluids work wonders. In other news, My boyfriend and I will be going to the movies this weekend to see Red Tails :3. We’re really looking forward to going but I need to try to kick this cold before then. I’m beating it so far xD xD!

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Day #7 Princess Of The Meadow

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Ugh! I’m surprised I even had the strength to do this one, being that I’m getting over a cold right now. My joints are bugging out at the moment and my left hand is a little stiff. I get arthritis when I get sick because I become less active during these times. Thankfully, my drawing hand is still working! Mwahahaha!

I always get this thought in my head about how lost I would be if my drawing hand all of a sudden went out or something…It’s like, what would I do for a living after that? If I lost most of my vital limbs, I think I’d be okay with that. But my right atm? Not so much x.x…I’d end up trying to draw with my feet or something :S. Lol, anyway….

Today’s drawing is somewhat ordinary compared to my other works ( or at least I think so) The background is pretty plain and simple looking in my opinion. I don’t feel like a drawing is full unless there’s creatures flying around in the background or a bunch of flowers and animals sticking out of the character’s body or something. But since she’s in a brightly lit meadow, I decided to color her hair in like a rainbow. Her hair represents a rainbow I guess.

The entire process of creating this piece had to have taken no longer than an hour tops. It was a quick one compared to a few of my past drawings on this blog. Since I was able to finish this one up pretty quickly, I was able to create a few buffers today as well. I could really use the buffers because there’s bound to be days that I won’t even want to get out of bed, let alone draw T.T.

Day#6 Circus Attraction Complete

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I was feeling a little less lazy today so I decided to go ahead and finish this up while I had the time. I was thinking of something that would involve a hoola hoop and maybe a circus girl, and this is what I came up with! This drawing kind of brings back some vague childhood memories for me actually. I used to play with my hoola hoop back in grade school. The mere though of a hoola hoop hasn’t graced my thoughts until maybe a couple of days ago. At the same time, I also wanted to employ a wasteland-carnival feel to the drawing as well, hence the giant torch, and the crazy coloring.

So yeah, a little bit about today…I might have caught a minor cold while out the other day. It’s nothing serious and it sure as hell won’t slow me down in any way. I’m just kind of bummed out at the fact that I can’t control my body 24/7 x.x…So I guess you could say that I feel violated as a result of being sick Dx. I haven’t had a cold in a long time now so that makes it even more frustrating. I was going for a record :p.

Day #5 Circus Attraction Draft

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As you already knew, I was at a party the previous night and didn’t get home until around 4pm today. However, I did manage to make a draft of a picture that I will complete by tomorrow. I thought you’d like to see what i’ve at least created so far.

I think my non-colored drawings have always looked kind of icky for some reason. Maybe its just the lack of detail or something, I can’t quite pin point it exactly, but there is a reason for why I opt to color everything I make xD!

Can’t wait to present a colored version soon!

Day #4 Red haired guy

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                                                                                   This isn’t as festive as the other drawings I have posted within the last couple of days, but I promise you that will change after the weekend. I’m headed out to my best friend’s birthday party today so that’s kind of what’s on my mind right now…I couldn’t really think of anything creative because my mind is already boggled with party plans and the likes @.@. So I decided to just go with something kind of simple this time…

Also, last night was the first time I got any real sleep since last week. I was busy with stuff at home and outside for once. On a side note, I got to work on a movie set for the first time, which was actually pretty fun and not hard at all. It’s definitely something i’d like to do again in the future and I will jump at the next opportunity. The rest of my week has been somewhat bleak though. Same old same old, just multiplied by 100 though.

So about the drawing… Random elven-type guy character. I actually think that I could possibly use this for something in the future. Now that I think of it, having this blog is somewhat of a brainstormer for any future projects that may come up (Although I’ve already got my hands full and don’t really intend to work on anything new for a while. But knowing me, I always doom myself by taking on too many things at once xD xD xD!) The hair color could have been any color but I chose red with black tips. Don’t know why x.x.

I’ll update you on how the party went tomorrow. I think I deserve to party at least once this week, yeah?

Day # 3 Water Willow

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It seems like as each day goes by, I feel inspired to create something more detailed than the last drawing. Surprisingly enough, I was actually feeling pretty down due to a stomach ache this morning when I started working on this one. I guess that kind of explain why this one has so much blue in it. Making this really brought up my spirits tremendously!

This image basically demonstrates and represents raw nature. I felt like making something really exotic this time around and I hope I was able to accomplish that with this image. The character’s hair is tree like and has a bunch of different flora and greenery in it. The moon brightly peaks through the mangled brush in this image.

This was a lot of fun to make but I probably won’t be making things this detailed every time. I had a lot more time on my hands to experiment and make this exactly how I wanted. Tomorrow is going to be a bit of hurdle. I’m going to be attending a friend’s birthday party in the night time so i’ll have even less time than usual. I’ll try to make something birthday themed just for the day probably.

Day #2: Frog Wizard

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It is officially the second day of this blog being alive. I’m still pretty excited about this blog and I really can’t wait to start pumping out even more artwork as the day goes by. I’m also hoping to improve on my skills along the way as well. There’s always room for improvement after all.

As you all may have already noticed, the site is still under heavy construction. I have a really busy schedule over here so I’m doing my best to get this site together. I’ve already added some more categories to it and will be throwing in some more useful content in the near future. One thing that I would really like to do is provide some useful and interesting art tutorials as well. I’ve never really done that sort of thing before but I have some stuff I want to share later on.

Anyway, on to the picture. My boyfriend mentioned something about a frog character a few days ago so I decided to do something creative involving a frog. Since the background of the drawing looked kind of blank, I added a swamp backdrop later on. When I think of a swamp, it’s always in the night time for some reason…lol!

I remember seeing something like this in a Final Fantasy game I think (forgot which one) so that was also another key inspiration for this drawing. I’m kind of in to fantasy/medieval  themes so a drawing like this would have been inevitable. I’ve watched way too many fantasy movies for my own good. At the time of this drawing, I was feeling pretty exhausted. I’d just gotten home from working and all I felt like doing was getting under a big blanket and staring at my computer monitor all night, which I ultimately ended up doing in the end.

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First Post Ever!!!

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So yeah, first post ever on I 365 Art. My boyfriend and I were talking about this kind of thing together and decided to build a blog based around it. I’m putting myself up to a heavy challenge where I have to come up with a random and original character every single day for a solid year. It’s just an awesome way to kick off 2012! I’ve heard of similar things like this being done in the past but I thought it might be a good idea to give it a go.

All of my characters will be completely original and thought up by my boyfriend and I. We are both artists as well as lovers of artists who would like to hopefully get others on the bandwagon. I hope to entertain someone in the process of posting my 365 random character concepts. Many of my drawings might not make much sense to some viewers of this website but that’s kind of what makes it fun! Sit back and watch the art come rolling in!

About this drawing: I titled this drawing “The Flower Girl”. While I was drawing this, All I could think of was flowers and pretty pink things, and a sheet ghost! Don’t ask what any of those things have to do with one another, they sort of just came to mind all of a sudden.

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