How to Draw a Starfish

In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to draw a starfish in Photoshop. This does not require you to use a tablet but it is definitely recommended, as you will have more control over your drawing. I definitely recommend having a tablet pen for this. If you don’t have one, you can try doing this with a mouse.

This tutorial greatly relies on using the brush tools for pretty much the entire thing. Well, shall we begin?


A starfish is shaped like a star sort of but, but has slightly rounded points rather than sharp ones. In this step, with the brush tool, draw your basic starfish shape as shown below.








Draw a thin outline around your basic starfish shape like so.








Now that we are finished with the starfish for the most part, it’s time to start drawing in the details If you look at a real life starfish, you can see that it has a rigged and somewhat bumpy exterior. With the brush tool,  start drawing in the bumps. What i’m going to do here is draw the ones in the center more larger, and work my way to the res of the starfish. The farther out I go, the smaller the details will appear.








See the pattern? :p








More details! 🙂 See how I’m working my way outward?
















Voila! We have a starfish with wonderful details and all! The next step is coloring it. Before you begin the coloring process, create a new layer and set its mode to ‘multiply’.








Start with one solid color in your new layer. With a tablet pen or your mouse, color in the starfish with with the brush tool. The reason why you should create a new layer while you color is so the drawing itself doesn’t get interrupted :).








shade in the bumpy parts of your starfish in this same layer with a gradient color.








Now it’s time to go a little crazy on the coloring! Shade in more of your starfish even more. Like I always say, think of it as a painting. Try to combine your colors together as you paint. The same somewhat applies to Photoshop painting as well.








See how I’m combining different colors in this step.








Start a second layer and leave the mode at normal. In this step, we will be working on the glare/shine of your starfish. After you have created your layer, apply white to the image with the brush tool. As you can see, I tried not to over do it.








Next, you will be using a combination of the’smudge’ and ‘blur’ tools. Work with this layer until you think it looks right.








That’s pretty much it! You can work with some of the filters if you’d like to add a little more creativity to your star fish. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and good luck!



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